• Ankitha Prakash

🚶🏻‍♀️Climb up to The Ravana's cave

📍 Ravana's Cave

The Hike!

From the Ravana Ella temple, a hike up the trail of about 700 steps would let us reach the cave. All the hype about the cave is its historical connection to the Ramayana Epic. It is said that the cave is used by King Ravana to hide Princess Sita (Ramayana epic).

The entire trail is made of a combination of cemented steps and makeshift steps formed from rock and tree roots. Though they said that the trail had all cemented steps all over and it is well maintained, most of them were found to be damaged so watch your step. Also, be aware of some steep descents along the hike.

All along the hike, you get to see some beautiful and dense mountainous views. You can take your time to capture the pictures as the trail isn’t that long.

The Hike Edge! ( From right to left: My Sister and Myself)

Eventually, the trail ends to a single way between two mountains and then you see a cave with its mouth wide open. That’s the Ravana's Cave where Princess Sita is believed to have stayed. The cave is hollow and does echo (do try).