• Ankitha Prakash

🚶🏻‍♀️Reaching the hilltop of The Neuschwanstein castle!

Note: Before Knowing about the hike, if you want to know on how to reach until here, read my other blog post on The Neuschwanstein Castle in the travel section of the blogs.

The Hike:

The walk up to the castle takes between 40-60 minutes. It is quite steep and requires a moderate level of stiffness. It is all covered with trees from both the sides as you can see in the pictures. The hike did not feel tough at all and you will get excited until you reach the entrance as you see the castle getting nearer and in a magnified way. Finally, when you reach you will realize how huge it is and why it took 22 years to finish constructing it!

Also, if you want to get the iconic click of the castle, you need to get to the Marienbrücke bridge (Queen Mary’s Bridge). I missed it as it was closed due to some renovations!

View of The Marienbrücke bridge (Queen Mary’s Bridge) from The Neuschwanstein Castle