• Ankitha Prakash

Italian’s Miami: Rimini, Italy, 2017

Rimini is a city on the Adriatic coast in Italy’s Emilia Romagna region. It is also known as “Italian’s Miami”, due to its popularity for being the destination for summer vacations. This beautiful coastal city with its 15 km long stretch of white sandy beaches, has a huge attraction to historical sites, parks, piazzas and museums.

📍 Arco di Augusto or Arch of Augustus

Once known as a prominent area of the Roman Empire, the remains of the roman city can still be seen. The arch of Augustus stands tall at the end of Rimini’s main road, the Corso di Augusto, and dates to 27 B.C. It was built as a part of the defensive walls that surrounded the city. It stills stands in a perfect condition despite its age. A walk through the arch takes you back to a rich remain of the roman city feel with its old streets and buildings still standing great!

📍 Ponte di Tiberio or The Bridge of Tiberius

This Roman bridge completed in AD 20, was built during the reign of Tiberius and hence took its name. It is also called as Bridge of Augustus, as the construction work started during Augustus' reign and was finished under his successor Tiberius. It’s five arches span the canal with a picturesque view. Being 2000 years old, it is still in perfect condition and open to pedestrian and small goods vehicular traffic.

📍 Rimini’s Beaches

Rimini is famous for its long stretch of golden sands with over 100 beaches and is indeed a perfect place to relax.

A long walk along the coast is truly recommended as you get to see some seaside promenades that are lined with villas, resorts, and hotels overlooking the Adriatic Sea.

Make sure to be aware of the “Summer Crowd” for this place. Though I visited Rimini almost 3 times, it was never in the peak times as I am a huge NO to crowds, especially on the beaches! But Summer is usually when the beaches are alive with life, especially in the nights, being a host to numerous parties.

📍 Italia in miniatura

Another exciting place that I missed seeing but would recommend is Italia in Miniatura. It is a leisure and miniature park in Viserba, a part of Rimini. The park displays miniatures of famous Italian and European buildings.

I thoroughly enjoyed this place, especially to shoot some amazing photographs, including mine! 😉