• Ankitha Prakash

🚶🏻‍♀️The Dolomites: Alleghe, Italy, 2016

The Dolomites of Italy!

Being the well renowned UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, Dolomites are the Alpine mountain range in the North Eastern part of Italy.

📍 Monte Civetta, Alleghe, Province of Belluno, Italy

Alleghe is a beautiful village in the province of Belluno in the Italian region of Veneto, famous for its tallest peak of the Alp range: Mount Civetta. The elevation of the peak being 10,564 feet.

If you are a person who loves to hike, to climb, to ski, to get lost in between huge mountains, to walk long beautiful nature trails for hours together, to capture some amazing photographs and to explore the culture of most beautiful little Italian villages around, then this is definitely the place you should be travelling to! ❤️

Alright so let’s begin the trip!!! This tour is more about the people in it and the memories we made for a lifetime! I usually plan my own trips and do not prefer to travel in groups. But I did both for this! When I first landed in Italy, there were some fellow Indians who were very helpful and one of them turned out to be my good friend and a soul sister eventually, Sudarshana Chakravarty. All the credits for this itinerary go to her! We were a group of 6 who decided to travel to this beautiful place in the time of Christmas to enjoy the place’s wintertime of the year! It was approximately a day journey from Bologna (Italy), and I remember changing around 4 trains until we reached Alleghe.

We checked into this beautiful home and decided to take rest as we had big plans for the next morning.

We woke up to the best view of Mount Civetta and started clicking lots of pictures. And then we start to get around the village and as soon as we got down the hill, we see the “Lago di Alleghe” FROZEN! Of course, it’s the winters!

Then one of our group mates, Harsha, decided to have a walk on it. I jumped away in fright! Mainly because I remember watching a Tollywood movie in which the actress gets onto a frozen lake, slips, falls and gets locked inside the lake with the water above being frozen again. I literally imagined myself in this situation (too dramatic, I know! 🤷). Before you start thinking of why wouldn't I consider people who do the frozen lake activities, then yeah I did think and for me they are all trained professionals, unlike me!

But somehow he convinces me to do this and I got a picture clicked too!

After this we move ahead to a small hill covered with snow where my other friend, Prashanth and I decide on doing this (in pictures)! Had to happen, ended up in a pool of melted ice. But it was fun to be childish sliding, I'd rather say rolling down the hills. Who all did it when you were a kid? Thumbs up 👍

Keeping all the fun aside for a while, it was now time for some serious ski lessons! I decided to try skiing for the very first time. We visited the famous “Ski Civetta Alleghe” to book our tickets and buy the ski gear, shoes etc. It took around 25 minutes to go up and now it was the showtime!

I fell once, twice, thrice and ten thousand times which was not fun at all! But ultimately, I ended up mastering on how not to fall while the ski gear is on! I know that’s not funny! I will try to learn skiing sometime (on my list)! The only person of our group who could manage to ski, at least for some reasonable amount of time, was Rohit!

Anyway, it got almost dark until we came back to our homestay and we decided on starting up the bonfire party. The chef of our group, Pavitra cooked some amazing food and that was a good end to the day!

📍 Sottoguda, Province of Belluno, Italy

Next Morning, was the Christmas Morning! Yay! We all got ready and decided to visit this beautiful village around called “Sottoguda”, a 25-30 minutes journey by the bus from Alleghe. By the way, Sottoguda was proclaimed as one of the "Most beautiful village of Italy", from the jury, that have the objective to develop the art, culture, tradition and environmental aspects of the little Italian villages, located outside the traditional touristic way. It was famous for its little streets and the typical homes called "fienili" (wooden homes). It was beautiful to see the Christmas celebrations at such a place (something unusual for me). The only drawback was that most of the activities (mainly the mountain climbing) were closed on Christmas. But nevertheless, we had a good time!

📍 Alleghe, Province of Belluno, Italy

The last day of the stay was kept for exploring in an around the mountains, on foot. There are many nature trails which will let you do this. We did try one of the trails, where we kept walking for almost 3 hours into the nature! The trees, rocks and even the small stones looked so beautiful here. Could capture some amazing pictures. That did mark a beautiful end to the trip.