• Ankitha Prakash

🚶🏻‍♀️ The Three Towers: Città, Republic of San Marino, 2017

The Republic of San Marino is said to be the third smallest country in Europe with an area of about 24 square miles. The entire country is mountainous dominant with the major attraction being the highest peak of the rugged Apennine mountains in that region, Monte Titano (Mount Titan). On the slopes of this mountain sits the capital of the country, the city of San Marino or locally called as Città.

How to get there:

I have planned a one-day trip from Rimini (city in Italy) by bus, but you can also choose to stay on the mountain top to enjoy its calmness during the nights. From the bus stop, you can either use a cable car or a hike up to reach the historic center of Città. I have done the hike up.

The city of San Marino is an old town, registered as the UNESCO World Heritage Site with narrow cobblestone streets. Once you get to the top, you will feel like you are in some other part of the world. The San Marino city's historic center is the hub for most of the attractive landmarks: Piazza della Libertà or Liberty Square, Palazzo Pubblico, San Marino Basilica; Museums: Museum of Ancient art, Museum of curiosities, St. Francis Museum etc.; and numerous shops. Yes, shops because this is a tax-free haven for shoppers that provides some traditional offerings and includes most of the luxury brands. Make sure you have your money filled up in your wallets! 😅 Another interesting part is the San Marino's stamp collection. Make sure you add one to yours and if you are a tourist with foreign passport you can get the stamp done on your passport. That makes it a lifetime memory, do not miss it! 😊

📍 Piazza della Libertà and Palazzo Pubblico

Piazza della Libertà is considered as the heart and soul of the San Marino city's historic center. Take your time to enjoy the famous landmarks, fine panoramas and experience the charm by relaxing at the city’s cafés.

In the center of the square, you see a marble sculpture which is the Statue of Liberty of San Marino. Just behind the statue is the town hall of San Marino and a visit to it will let you experience the country’s overflowing history, culture and beauty.

📍 Basilica of San Marino - Pieve

This Neoclassical Roman Catholic church is the main church of the city of San Marino.

Just beyond the historic center of the city of San Marino you see well established trails to visit the towers: Guaita and Cesta. This famous hike of the cliff-top towers is a must do! The third tower Montale is closed for visitors, but you can capture some nice photographs of it while you visit the Cesta tower.

📍 First Tower: Guaita Tower

This 11th century tower is the oldest and the largest of the three. The view from this point is surreal. It also provides a scenic pathway towards the highest point of Mt. Titano.

📍 Second Tower: Cesta Tower

It is located on the highest of Monte Titano's summits. Make sure you enjoy the scenic views along its pathway and capture the best photographs of the panoramic views.

📍 Third Tower: Montale Tower

This smallest tower of the three stands alone and is located on Monte Titano’s farthest peak.

P.S. I do not have a picture of this tower but do not forget to get yours while you are at the Cesta fortress.

The Most Serene Republic of San Marino is a must-see destination for lovers of history – and for those who love picturesque panoramas.