• Ankitha Prakash

The Venetian Lagoon: Burano, Italy, 2016

📍 The Island of Burano

While approaching the island of Burano from a distance, you can already see the famous line of coloured houses. This was done to clearly indicate the borders of a property. However, the legend says that the fishermen used it to easily recognize their house from the lagoon when coming back late at night or in a fog. The island is a paradise for photoshoots and your Instagram posts. The island is so picturesque that even an amateur photographer ends up getting beautiful shots over here. One advice from my end would be that you should move away from the crowd and take a walk into the streets and you will find many locations for the photo bug in you.

Burano is also famous for its lace-making and you can find many artisans practising this trade on the main square. Should you need better insight into this, you can visit the lace museum. Buy yourself a piece of this art as it's worth it. Mine was in the making (watch the video).

And the next day I head to explore the Island of Lido (next blog under the travel section).