• Ankitha Prakash

The Venetian Lagoon: Lido, Italy, 2016

📍 The Island of Lido di Venezia

The next day in Venice was to relax, away from all the hustle and bustle of the city. Lido was the perfect place as it was off-season and the deserted roads with the occasional pedestrian was proof enough of the serenity. I checked in to my hotel which was at a walking distance from the Vaporetto station.

Walking across the 11-kilometre coastline of this barrier island was like eternal bliss. I just sat there, listening to the sound of the waves which was like music to my ears. 

La Cucina was a suggestion by one of the locals for my lunch. I tried their Fettuccine Alfredo pasta and it was heavenly. One should come here in the month of October if you want to be all to yourself and at the edge of Italy.