• Ankitha Prakash

The Venetian Lagoon: Murano, Italy, 2016

📍 The Island of Murano

Known for its unique glass art, this island features studios, demonstrations & souvenirs for sale. I was already excited to see how the glass was made (although I saw it in videos!!). On our way to Murano, our guide Sofia explained the technique verbally, which made it easy as we witnessed it in the factory. So here we are, in this warm factory where the ovens were fired up to 1500 degree celsius, waiting for the show to begin. It was like witnessing poetry as the worker made a vase out of glass.

Once this was finished, we were shown a store that sells Murano glass articles. I'd suggest you buy your souvenirs here itself as the ones in the main city might not be authentic. After getting myself a small locket and a few other ornaments for family and friends, we got back to the Vaporetti and headed towards Torcello (next blog under the travel section).